What is a Custom Orthotic and What does it do?

Developed using the same technology that is used in the Aerospace industry, custom orthotics in Burlington are precision braces built to fit into a shoe, which help to re-align the foot and ankle and correct foot imbalance. The result is a significant reduction or elimination of chronic hip, back and neck pain associated with foot imbalance, as well as relief from conditions like bunions and runner’s knee. Custom orthotics are built so that they fit easily into your shoe, just like an insole. For the most part, a person using custom orthotics in Burlington does not have to wear special shoes to do so; precision custom orthotics means that you can simply remove the insole that came with your shoe and insert the custom orthotic instead.

Available in Burlington: Custom Orthotics in a Range of Styles

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Custom orthotics in Burlington is designed so that a person experiences optimal comfort with the best possible functionality, without having to buy specialized footwear. To this effect, there are multiple styles of custom orthotics, depending upon a person’s age, lifestyle, or medical condition. People who are particularly vulnerable to discomfort or muscle pain during sports related activity can now take advantage of sport activity orthotics, designed specifically for use during sports. Those suffering from diabetes require specialized foot care, for which specialty orthotics has been developed. In addition, the present age has seen a surge in foot and knee pain among teenagers and small children; for this age group, a specially developed youth orthotics range of custom orthotic devices is available.

The Process of Creating a Custom Orthotics Device

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The creation of a precision custom orthotics device is a long process. First, a plaster cast impression of a person’s foot is taken. Next, measurements of the cast are made and a negative cast impression is made. Following this, liquid plaster is poured into plaster and foam negatives to create a plaster positive. Stringent quality checks throughout the process ensure that the resultant custom orthotics are made exactly as per specifications. Custom orthotics in Burlington is a highly specialized field, and it takes extremely complex machinery to create the perfect custom orthotics device.

When worn for the first time, a custom orthotics device might feel very uncomfortable, given that its role is to force your feet into proper alignment. Care must be taken, therefore to follow the instructions given by the manufacturer along with the custom orthotics device. As you become accustomed to wearing the device, however, you will begin to experience a significant amount of relief from pain. The initial getting-used-to discomfort is well worth the relief that follows, and is the reason why custom orthotics in Burlington is being increasingly adopted.


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