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Lower Back Pain Chiropractor

Whether you are young or old, pregnant or an athlete, everyone can benefit from seeing a lower back pain chiropractor.

Chiropractic is a hands-on, non-invasive, and drug free practice that is a safe and effective form of pain management for musculoskeletal conditions. This includes conditions regarding the skeletal, muscular, and nervous systems.

There are a number of reasons why one may suffer from lower back pain. If you have had injuries, are doing a lot of heavy lifting, are pregnant, or if you are stressed in your day-to-day life, the effects can have an impact on your body. If you suffer from lower back pain, it is best to see a chiropractor, as ignoring the pain will not make it go away. In fact, taking the “wait and see” route can actually cause the pain to increase or become worse.

Lower back pain chiropractor can help you feel like yourself again with different techniques, such as Soft Tissue Therapy and Manual Therapy.

Soft tissue therapy includes a variety of ways that your lower back pain chiropractor can relieve your discomfort. A manual release consists of the chiropractor stretching your muscles while applying pressure to the area. The trigger point technique is when pressure is applied directly to the area where the muscle is the tensest. A lower back chiropractor may also use what is called an instrument assisted approach, where they use tools, such as a “thumper” or an “impulser”, to gently apply pressure to the area in question.

A chiropractor may use manual therapy if there is restricted movement in a joint. In order to regain the joint movement, they can use one of two techniques. The first is joint mobilization, where they use slow, gentle stretches on the affected joint. The second is manipulation, where a chiropractor will use a quick, but gentle, movement that will stretch the joint.

Most people respond well to treatment, and can even get back to their regular activities faster than if they had not gone to see a lower back pain chiropractor.

Registered Massage Therapy: The Best Way to Improve Physical Function of the Body

Registered Massage Therapy: The Best Way to Improve Physical Function of the Body

The demand for massage therapy has grown in recent years. The primary purpose of this therapy is to increase cell metabolism, relieve pain in muscles and joints, and increase range of motion. It is also one way to boost the functioning of the immune system thereby reducing anxiety and stress. Registered Massage Therapy is the systematic therapeutic manipulation of the body’s soft tissues. Registered massage therapists manipulate the soft tissues with the help of their hands, arms, and elbows. This technique is great for calming the nerves and improving overall circulation to soft tissues such as muscles and ligaments. Continue reading

Raking Leaves Shouldn’t be a Pain in the Back!

Autumn is an amazing me of year when many of us look forward to seeing the spectacular array of colours and the crisp fall air. However, o en this excitement is accompanied by anxiety because the moment these beau ful leaves fall from the trees, it is leaf raking season. Instead of happily enjoying this amazing me of year, o en we injure ourselves in the process. With a couple simple ps, we can have you enjoying these last few warm sunny a ernoons instead of aching a er an a ernoon of leaf raking.

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Chiropractic Care Works For All Kinds of Neuro, Muscular and Skeletal Problems

Chiropractic doctors prescribe no drugs but they treat patients by recommending lifestyle changes, as well as dietary and nutritional suggestions and exercises. Neuromusculoskeletal ailments are most often treated by them but other conditions too are taken care of. It causes no discomfort and that is why it is highly recommended for pregnant women who are suffering from back pain or any other problems like rib pain, neck pain, mid-back and lower back pain, groin and tendonitis pains, sacroiliac joint problems etc. during their pregnancy. Chiropractic migraine headache treatments are also offered and they provide a lot of relief.

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Consult Qualified Chiropractors for Migraines and Lower Back Pain Treatment

Chiropractors are specialists in the diagnosis and treatment of injuries related to the muscular, skeletal and nervous systems. They have many years of education (4 years of post-graduate education and a total of 8 years of post-secondary) and the experts when it comes to treating conditions that affect our joints, muscles, ligaments and nerves. It is not necessary to see a medical doctor before seeing a chiropractor because chiropractors are considered primary care providers. They are able to conduct an in-depth assessment, come up with a diagnosis and communicate the diagnosis to the patient and then come up with the appropriate individualized treatment plan for each patient. They treat many conditions such as neck pain, lower back pain, knee and shoulder injuries, headaches, and many others. They are able to provide excellent migraine headache treatment.

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Consult Qualified Chiropractors for the Treatment of Musculoskeletal System

Chiropractors are primary health care providers who specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of disorders related to the musculoskeletal system (including bones, joints, nerves, muscles and ligaments). Chiropractor Burlington focuses on finding the root cause of the pain and fixing the underlying dysfunction. They do this by performing a detailed history and physical exam of the entire musculoskeletal system (and not just the specific area of pain). The reason that the entire body is assessed can be explained by the concept of the “kinetic chain”.

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