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Lower Back Pain Chiropractor

Whether you are young or old, pregnant or an athlete, everyone can benefit from seeing a lower back pain chiropractor.

Chiropractic is a hands-on, non-invasive, and drug free practice that is a safe and effective form of pain management for musculoskeletal conditions. This includes conditions regarding the skeletal, muscular, and nervous systems.

There are a number of reasons why one may suffer from lower back pain. If you have had injuries, are doing a lot of heavy lifting, are pregnant, or if you are stressed in your day-to-day life, the effects can have an impact on your body. If you suffer from lower back pain, it is best to see a chiropractor, as ignoring the pain will not make it go away. In fact, taking the “wait and see” route can actually cause the pain to increase or become worse.

Lower back pain chiropractor can help you feel like yourself again with different techniques, such as Soft Tissue Therapy and Manual Therapy.

Soft tissue therapy includes a variety of ways that your lower back pain chiropractor can relieve your discomfort. A manual release consists of the chiropractor stretching your muscles while applying pressure to the area. The trigger point technique is when pressure is applied directly to the area where the muscle is the tensest. A lower back chiropractor may also use what is called an instrument assisted approach, where they use tools, such as a “thumper” or an “impulser”, to gently apply pressure to the area in question.

A chiropractor may use manual therapy if there is restricted movement in a joint. In order to regain the joint movement, they can use one of two techniques. The first is joint mobilization, where they use slow, gentle stretches on the affected joint. The second is manipulation, where a chiropractor will use a quick, but gentle, movement that will stretch the joint.

Most people respond well to treatment, and can even get back to their regular activities faster than if they had not gone to see a lower back pain chiropractor.


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Taking Action Before Symptoms Worsen

Weakness, numbness, or tingling of the extremities in either feet or hands are clear warning signs of lower back trouble and indications that you should be seeing a doctor.  Lower back pain is a common ailment among many today, being the effect of prolonged sitting or driving. The advantage of consulting a chiropractor for lower back pain is that the focus stays on manual therapy that treats the nervous system and/or the musculoskeletal system.  Continue reading