The Alternative Way to Better Health

Taking Action Before Symptoms Worsen

Weakness, numbness, or tingling of the extremities in either feet or hands are clear warning signs of lower back trouble and indications that you should be seeing a doctor.  Lower back pain is a common ailment among many today, being the effect of prolonged sitting or driving. The advantage of consulting a chiropractor for lower back pain is that the focus stays on manual therapy that treats the nervous system and/or the musculoskeletal system.  Continue reading


Benefits of Massage Therapy in Burlington

Massage therapy if a very common sought after therapy in Burlington Ontario. There are many clinics that offer massage therapy but it is important to know there are many differences in the type of treatments that are offered at different clinics. When seeking massage therapy treatments, it is important to look for a clinic that has registered massage therapists. Registered massage therapists attend two to three years of schooling in order to be able to properly treat dysfunctions of the musculoskeletal system. A registered massage therapist is different from a massage therapist that have just a short course and usually work in spas. Massage therapists that are not registered are not able to bill under extended health care benefits.

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